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Washington Post, 2014:   Art review: ‘Words and Letters’ at the Athenaeum ( pdf )
Elan Magazine, 2008:   Artist Robert Cwiok - Text Messages ( pdf )

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Selected Articles and Reviews

The Washington Post        
OURPICKS, Recent Work: Painting and Collage        
October 2006

Arlington Arts Letter
Exhibitions, Columbia Pike Artist Studios “Art Equinox”
“Intersection” Spring Issue, March 1999

The Arlington Journal
“Correspondence” Michele Hayghe
February 1986

The Washington Post
“Robert Cwiok’s Envelopes” Mark Powers
February 1986

Northern Virginia Sun
“Arlington Arts Center Director – Combining Creativity And Practicality”
Maryland Nell March 1984

Poet Lore
“Rectilinear Collage no. 10” Cover Art
Spring 1981

The Washington Post
“Having Fun With Avant-Garde Art”  Deborah Churchman
January 1981

The NOVA News
“Robert Cwiok Profile” By Elizabeth McClelland
November 1980

The NOVA News
“Art Ain’t Easy” Robert Cwiok & James Cutrone, Mather Gallery
Robert Getsher, April 1979

Cleveland Plain Dealer
New Directions – Downtown Scene  “Robert Cwiok at AIA”
Helen Cullinan March 1978

Cleveland Plain Dealer
“May Show - New Judging Systems Works Well” Paul John Mooney
July 1977

Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Higbee’s Art Invitational” Dusty Pilot
June 1977
The NOVA News
Exhibitions – “Robert Cwiok At NOVA Headquarters”
May 1977

High Gear
“About Bob Cwiok” Interviewed by Leon Stevens
October 1976

WCLV Cleveland Guide
“Conceptual and Post Conceptual Art in Cleveland” Elizabeth McClelland
August 1975

Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Accent on Language” Helen Cullinan
May 1974